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Breakthrough Computer Services offers Best Technology in the following services:

* Website Design

* Networking

* Supply and Maintenance of all kinds of Computer

BulkSMS services

* Internet Facilities

Every day the business world becomes more driven by information technology.  In this hyperactive, global environment, The Information Technology Company (ITC) enables organizations to gain full advantage of IT to increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness, and reach new goals.

Our ITC team of highly experienced, knowledgeable technology and design professionals will work closely with you.  We provide the analysis, expertise, tools, and monitoring to help you solve your toughest business challenges through IT solutions.

Our professional website designers and programmers have the creative talent, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your web design ideas into reality!

For easy delivery of the products of your interest contact us on these number 0805-893-9537 0r 0809-827-2808

U 2 can become a website Designer within 2 weeks! If U wish to be, we offer PC-PC training. call the above number 4 more details.

Are you a profitable or non-profitable organization and U wish 2 host Ur own Professional website we will do that 4 U at most reasonable price or U want us to help you train all your staff, Pls. just contact us through these number 0805-893-9537 0r 0809-827-2808 for more info. Breakthrough the best of the best technology


Using Bulk SMS for Effective Advertising, Marketing & Promotion

Are you looking for fast, reliable and cost effective way of reaching your customers, potential customers, target customers anytime, anywhere within seconds?

Do you want to reach out to your customers and suppliers during festive period at a cheap price?

Do you want to grow your business by reaching out to new, prospective customers?

Do you want to notify your current customers about changes in your services or products?

Or do you want to reduce the money spent on sending SMS for your personal use?

Then you need our Bulk SMS/text facility. There are many advantages in using our bulk SMS platform.

It is cost effectiveness because the cost per SMS is lower than the cost per SMS of GSM operators i.e. Five naira (N1.50) and below for bulk SMS as opposed to ten naira (N10) to fifteen naira (N15) on GSM; there is no Setup Cost (You pay only the per SMS cost) and there is no Monthly Fixed Commitment or fixed unit commitment; lastly you can purchase as little as 500 SMS unit

The bulk SMS facility is easy to use because all SMS are from the internet but our can also be send without internet likewise with facebook and because of this; there are many add-on benefits like:

    1. Ability to personalize the sender
    2. Instant Delivery or differed delivery i.e. message scheduling
    3. History of all message sent can easily be retrieved
    4. Account balance is always visible
    5. Messages will not be sent if the phone number is incomplete or inactive; a error message will notify you of this.
    6. Email alert to be sent to you once account unit gets to a unit of your specification, for example, if you want to be prompted when your SMS credit has been used up to 1,000 units
    7. Messages can be sent to multiple addresses from excel(.xls) or notepad(.txt) up to 100,000 numbers at once
    8. Telephone numbers can be saved on the web through the creation of a web address book
    9. Worldwide Coverage
    10. Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers e.g space,;,:,.,',`,(,),,{,},#,-,_ and ?
    11. Displays member SMS units left and SMS Units used
    12. Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
    13. Add multiple numbers to phone book group at once
    14. Upload numbers to phone group from file
    15. Delete a phone book group and all its records
    16. No Expiry/Time Period

    17. Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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